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About Andy Ruhl

For those who don’t know me, this is me:

(I don’t really have red demon eyes…)

That’s me doing my first major service on my 2002 998 which I bought used in 2008. I love it!

Some personal info:

I’m Andy Ruhl and I’ve only owned a Ducati since late 2005, but I’ve been a fan since childhood. I got my 996 in ’05, and I’ve rebuilt it since then. This particular bike had problems I wasn’t aware of, but the upshot is that I’ve become very familiar with the internals of the Desmoquattro engine. Since really only the heads and cylinders had any major changes on the first Testastretta engine, I know a decent amount about those from working on the 998. I also have a Multistrada 620 which I enjoy riding and working on. I purchased a base model 1199 in June of 2012 which I have been blogging about on this site. It’s a very different experience than the 996 and 998, and all other Ducatis I’ve ever ridden.

I was an expert racer from late 2002 to 2006, mostly on a Kawasaki ZX-6RR, and I unfortunately haven’t raced since 2006. I think nobody quits racing because they want to, they quit because of other real life stuff, which was the case for me. I hope to get back into racing again at some point, maybe even with a Ducati. I’m also a huge fan of road racing, World Superbike in particular. Maybe this is why I’m such a fan of Ducati.

The latest bikes from Ducati really excite me, and I’ve been lucky enough to ride a few of them. I had short rides on the 1198, 1098, 848, and Sport Classic bikes. The 1198 and 1098 are silly, silly fast. The 848 feels really light and has an engine that feels both accessible and entertaining at the same time. The Sport Classic seems like a very good mix between comfort, power, and handling, more so than many other bikes I’ve ridden. I’ve also done track time on a 999R, 749R (courtesy of BSR), as well as my 996 and 998. All are great bikes in their own right.

This is me on the 998 at Inde Motorsports Park near Willcox.

I’ve met some really great “famous” Ducati people through the years like Bruce Meyers, John French, and Art Ramos “Hyperpasta”. I also got to shake the hand of Giancarlo Falappa at the WSB race at Brands Hatch in 2003.

I do enjoy other bikes, I have a 2001 MV F4S, which started my interaction with Steve at Renaissance back in early 2002. I also had an SV650S which I learned how to do maintenance on and then sold. I’ve owned an ’88 Kawasaki Ninja 750, ’99 Yamaha R1, and ’03 Kawasaki ZX-6RR as well.

My day job is being a computer nerd, specializing in data storage and unix operating systems. It’s a living, what can I say? I’m also interested in messing around with NetBSD at home.

Anyways, if there are any questions, let me know. I know a whole lot of you but there are far more people registered on the forum that I have not met. Hopefully we can get more of you to come to club meetings and I can meet you all.


(Wow that was long.)

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