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My new Panigale V4, Part 2

Posted on April 14, 2018 by acruhl

(This is seven cataracts on Mt. Lemmon.)
First read Part 1.

I finally got enough miles on it for the first service. It took a week to put the miles on it. I was told that the oil change procedure on this bike is unique:

Wait 2 hours, drain the oil.
Add correct amount of oil.
Wait 2 hours to check level.

Wow, that’s a lot of time to change oil. I suppose I understand waiting for it to drain back, but 2 hours is a while. Hopefully at some point the fill procedure will change to just adding a specific amount of oil (like dirt bike guys).

I’m learning the dash menu system and it’s much better than my old 1199. It’s more intuitive and it’s quicker to get to what you want. You can do most of what you want to do at a 30 second traffic signal stop for example.

Let’s get to riding modes. I haven’t really tried all of the settings in each mode because generally “Sport” is what I want for the road. I tried “Race” and the throttle map is really aggressive. It may even be trying to make up for possible dips in the torque curve by changing the throttle position beyond what the rider is doing. This is the world we live in now.

As far as I can tell, I can’t control the throttle map other than through the “power modes” which is low, medium, and high. I would like somewhere between medium and high I think. I’ll research it more.

More points:

o Fuel mileage is about 34 on the last fill up. Wow. I suppose it’s a good thing you have to stop often though because the riding position is pretty compact.

o It slipped out of gear twice using the quick shifter from 1st to 2nd. I generally use the same shifting motion every time I shift a motorcycle and I don’t think I was being too easy on the shifter. I’ll try to be even more deliberate about it and report back if it’s still happening.

o There were a few more stumbles when the engine was hot at low RPM, as if it wants to stall but the electronics notice and prevent it. I also noticed a few hiccups when opening the throttle quickly while it was hot as well. Hopefully there is a map update.

o I can’t keep the dust off. Especially on the underside of the windscreen and the dash. Like it’s static electricity making it stick.

o Chain lube is still coming off the chain at 600 miles. It might be a good idea to wipe down the chain with a rag with WD40 in it after every ride if you’re concerned about such things. It will run down the exhaust, the lower chain guide, and get all over the back wheel. I think a piece flung up and got on my pants as well. Seems excessive to me.

o The steering damper is still weirding me out a bit. It feels like a have a flat tire every time I start it up to ride. It’s just a little too tight for street riding probably. But if it saves a big wobble it’s worth it I guess.

More later.

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