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Gilmour bicycles – handmade in Tucson!

Posted on July 02, 2014 by acruhl

(Click on pictures for a larger version)
Andy Gilmour, proprietor of Gilmour bicycles, makes custom hand made bicycle frames right here in Tucson. Andy is also a long time Ducati enthusiast, and a member of DesmoSouthwest. He meets with us on his silver ST3 once in a while, and regularly watches the MotoGP and WSBK races with us.

Motorcyclists tend to be bicycle riders/fans. Most big name MotoGP and WSBK riders train on bicycles. Many of our members ride bicycles, sometimes on the same roads and the same time as our DesmoSouthwest street rides!

Gilmour has some “stock” frames (and complete bikes) he would like to sell, so I went over and took a few photos of them to try to help out. Workmanship is superb:

Gilmour frames are made for racing, and have participated in the Tour de France, among other races.


If you ride road bikes and you’re in the market for a new one, it would be worth contacting Gilmour to see if a deal can be done. He has carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel frames in stock, although he specializes in steel and aluminum. He can build you a custom frame if you prefer of course.

Frames and bikes might start showing up on Craig’s list soon, so it would be worth looking there as well as contacting Gilmour directly.

Contact info for Gilmour is here:


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