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DesmoSouthwest gains not one, but two 1199 Superleggeras!

Posted on June 08, 2014 by acruhl

2014-06-08 07.53.00_1199SL_crop_500
As you can see above, DesmoSouthwest now has two 1199 Superleggeras in the club.

They are quite a sight. At first they looked like normal but orange colored 1199s. But as you get closer you can see the special parts pop out quite quickly. An Ohlins shock with titanium spring, when have you ever seen that on another bike? I think never (from the factory that is). Black Ohlins forks which were reserved for bikes like the 999R Xerox and Desmosedici. Magnesium wheels, which are not common at all on street bikes, come standard.

Something that is really surprising is that this bike comes from the factory with an Akrapovic exhaust. I’m not someone who trolls the internet reading every opinion about why this is the case, but I have my own. Termignoni is just not high quality stuff. Not the stuff they sell to street riders, anyway. It would be ridiculous to let this bike down with something of inferior quality, so Ducati went right to one of the top exhaust manufacturers, Akrapovic. Everything they make looks top quality. And they usually put out pretty good dyno numbers as well. The only exhaust company that makes stuff that looks better (in my opinion) is Moto Corse from Japan, but they don’t really have the racing pedigree of Akrapovic.

The owner says that the bikes work very well, possibly surpassing the Desmosedici. I find this hard to process, because I was lucky enough to ride a well set up Desmosedici and I thought that bike would not be surpassed in my lifetime as far as the sensation that you’re riding a racing motorcycle from the factory on the street. He has a few special bikes, and from what I can tell, the 1199 Superleggera is at the top of the list so far.

What a treat to be able to see such special bikes show up on our weekly rides!

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