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1199 trackday – followup

Posted on May 14, 2013 by acruhl

It seems my concerns about the hole in the powerband between about 5000 and 7500 RPM have been addressed by the Zard exhaust system company.

I’m not so concerned about the look, price, transformed tail section, and all that other stuff that comes with this exhaust that Zard have come up with. My concern is that they claim to have found 23 HP in the middle of the RPM range. This type of performance increase from an exhaust system is almost unheard of in modern motorcycles.

While I was in the UK and talking to the Moto Rapido team about their 1199 Panigale Superbike, one of the guys on the team said that Ducati is still experimenting with exhaust systems for the 1199 for race bikes. (Note: seems like they should be doing the same for those of us who don’t race as well judging by the dyno curve above…)

You can see that the exhaust on Carlos Checa’s 1199 is very different even than the Termignoni full system you can buy from Ducati:


A visible difference is that the rear cylinder’s exhaust is now coming straight down behind the footpeg. What you can’t see is there is a rather radical S bend in the horizontal cylinder’s exhaust right after the cylinder head before it exits on the side. A big U turn is probably a better way to describe it. I wish I took a picture of the Moto Rapido bike…

In both cases (Zard and Termignoni), extra length is being added to the exhausts. Short exhausts are great for top end power, but not much else. If you can add length to the exhaust without affecting top end power or other stuff (weight distribution in motorcycles has become a big deal), it can have big benefits as the dyno chart shows above.

The Zard system, including the modified tail section, cost about 3400 Euros. I think I’ll pass. But if I was racing the 1199 I’d have no choice!

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