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My new 1199 Panigale, part 5

Posted on June 11, 2012 by acruhl

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Even more points after 506 miles:

o I snuck in a ride to work on the Multistrada today. It’s more polite than the Panigale at the early hour that I leave. And I wanted to see how it was to ride a “regular” bike again. The 1199 is a hardcore motorcycle in every way, the Multistrada 620 isn’t! Comfort is nice once in a while.

o I’ve had absolutely no problems with the 1199 after 506 miles. There are things I like and I don’t like as is normal with anything. The closest thing to a real problem is that it doesn’t like to start when hot.

o Roadracing World did a big test of 10 1000cc class bikes. I just got it today. The 1199s came in 6th. Apparently Ducati North America would not let them put Dunlop control tires on it because they claim the bike and electronics were designed around Pirelli tires. The Pirelli Supercorsa SC2 tires they were allowed to use didn’t perform very well so they couldn’t get good lap times. They also said the suspension wasn’t very good which is odd for a bike with Ohlins on it. The good stuff was that it was 2nd lightest (behind a $44k Buell) and 2nd most powerful (behind the BMW S1000RR). They also really liked the engine character, which I haven’t been able to experience yet… I had asked Roadracing World why they didn’t include the 1198s at their last test of 1000cc class bikes, and I got a personal call back from John Ulrich about it. He told me that Ducati would not let them have a totally stock bike without the Termignoni slip on and accompanying map change. I’m a huge Ducati fan (obviously), but this is not cool. Either the bikes stand up to the competition or they don’t. I don’t want a bike designed to only work adequately around a single tire, nor should you! The 1199 is supposed to go toe to toe with the best from Japan and Europe, so they should allow it to compete on level ground. Roadracing World thought it could have won the test with better tires and suspension settings!

o More gas mileage stuff: The low fuel light flashed on at 109.9 miles, then came on steady at 112 miles. I put in 2.938 gallons for 38.1 mpg. The dash shows 37.6 mpg still. I filled it up again after 55.5 miles and put in 1.589 gallons. This is 34.9 mpg. The dash still showed 37.6 mpg. So it’s not even a 40 mpg bike probably.

o I’m finally getting used to the riding position. I really miss having a gas tank to lean on, but I have to admit that I can move around easier without it there to lean against. The seat is still nearly unbearable. The accessory comfort seat is something like $239. I might wait to see what the aftermarket comes up with.

2 to “My new 1199 Panigale, part 5”

  1. phild says:

    Bought the comfort seat, life changing. Better support, non-slip, it keep you (assuming you are a guy) from junk-crushing on the tank. Especially under hard braking. Buy one, you will be glad you did.

    • acruhl says:

      I sat on both and the race seat might be better. I don’t want something sticky for track days. We’ll see. I think the aftermarket could do better than the Ducati seats probably.

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