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My new 1199 Panigale, part 2

Posted on June 04, 2012 by acruhl

(That’s Dan’s Monster 1100 Evo and my 1199 at Windy Point yesterday. Sorry my iPod takes crappy photos.)

First read Part 1.

More points in no particular order after 209 miles (I took a detour onto Old Spanish Trail on the way to work this morning):

o This thing really roasts your legs in the Tucson afternoon heat. There seems to be quite a bit of radiated heat coming off of the horizontal cylinder’s exhaust and your legs are right there. I have to stand up once in a while to cool them off. Leathers would help. I might look into wrapping the exhausts in fiberglass exhaust wrap to keep the heat inside the exhaust. This worked pretty well on the MV.

o The low fuel warning light came on at about 109 miles. I had previously filled the tank to just below the rubber filler neck. I haven’t been riding the thing particularly hard, I can’t go above 6000 RPM after all. But I have held the throttle wide open up to 6000 RPM a few times to aid in breaking in the rings. The dash says it averaged 37.9 MPG. I stopped at 112.3 miles (using trip 2 to track this) and put in 2.977 gallons. This works out to 37.7 mpg. So statistically speaking, both of those numbers are pretty close to the same so they should be pretty close to correct, given that the 1199’s odo isn’t too far off.

o I haven’t figured out how to install Angry Birds on the dash yet. It should be possible though.

o This thing is LOUD. It’s definitely louder than my Multistrada 620 with the Termignoni slip on, and probably louder than my 998 with Termignoni slip ons. Even the boot up shimmy is pretty loud. I shudder to think that I would have to get the Termignoni slip on for the 1199 along with the matching map to make the thing run right, which would make it even louder. I feel for my neighbors.

o Akrapovic seems to be busy. As of a few days ago, they have a page for the 1199, but no products: Click here. I know of no other “major” exhaust manufacturers that are working on the 1199 as of right now. I’m only looking at websites though, I’m not researching it very thoroughly.

o I want the GPS data logger accessory. I had thought this would be the first accessory I buy for the 1199, but I may have to get the exhaust and map to make it run better. Maybe Ducati will have an updated map for the stock system that makes it run better at low RPM?

o Ducati’s accessories seem to be a conflict of interest in making better stock motorcycles. For example, I said in the above point I might need to buy the Termignoni exhaust and matching map to make it run right. I don’t want to have to do this! Especially when I have to pay close to $2000 for it. Also, there is really no excuse for how bad this seat is. Ducati just sold for something like 1 billion dollars, and they can’t put a decent seat on their highest spec bike? The reason is probably that they want to sell me a seat from the accessory catalog I’m sure. Why is it that a GSX-R can feel like a couch and this thing feels like sitting on bricks?

o It doesn’t like to start when hot. It sometimes takes quite a few attempts to get it running, and sometimes I have to hold the throttle open a bit which I always hate doing. Hopefully they can fix this with a new map soon.

o It seems to blow a bit of fuel smoke here and there. No big deal.

o 6000 RPM in 6th gear is 107 MPH. I only did it once. I had to know.

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