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My new 1199 Panigale, part 1

Posted on June 03, 2012 by acruhl

(This is not me, I have a base model and I’m more of a squid, obviously.)

So I finally got my new base model 1199 Panigale. I picked it up yesterday, June 2nd 2012. I had put money down on it shortly after it was announced last year some time (November? I don’t remember).

Some points in no particular order after 157 miles:

o It is probably the most uncomfortable street bike I’ve ever ridden, although I’d have to take my MV Agusta F4S out again just to be sure. That was previously the most uncomfortable street bike I’d ever ridden. Why do I do this to myself?

o The first few miles had me wondering if I bought the wrong motorcycle. This thing makes no compromises or apologies. It’s the most hardcore street bike I’ve ever ridden, possibly excepting the Desmosedici. If you aren’t going fast, it isn’t happy. It’s just not much of a street bike. It’s a race bike.

o Like most newer bikes, it doesn’t fuel very well at low RPM. Since I’m in the break in period, low RPM is all I get so it’s kind of a bummer. It surges a lot. This is not something unique to Ducati though. The Termignoni exhaust with a new map would solve this I’m sure. I might look into other possibilities.

o It’s hard. As in, solid. I backed off the compression and rebound a few clicks all the way around and it improved the ride quite a bit. It didn’t seem to affect the cornering a lot on the street, although I might have had a wiggle in corners where there previously wasn’t one. I can’t ride it fast enough on the street to set it up properly (nor should anyone).

o It’s not a particularly quick handling bike. You’d think it would be with 22 less pounds and those wide handlebars. I need to set the sag before passing judgement, but I suspect a bit of ride height in the rear wouldn’t hurt.

o Once you get it cranked way over in a corner, all the above complaining is bull$hit. This has got to be one of the best feeling bikes when on it’s side. It might be the ultimate Superbike. After going through enough corners, it should make a believer out of you.

o This bike defines the term “race replica”. There hasn’t be anything closer to a race bike on the street other than the Desmosedici. Steve from Renaissance may have it right, he said it’s not a race replica, it’s a “race platform”. True words. I could take this thing to the track with the stock tires and minor suspension fiddling and probably get close to my fastest ever race laps. It’s that good.

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